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A Traditional Martial Art in Bismarck, ND

Dojo will be closed July 4th - 7th. Happy independence Day!

Welcome to Our Dojo!

Aikido of Bismarck is committed to the practice and teaching of the art of aikido — its techniques, concepts, and values — to adults and youth, for self-defense and as a life-enriching experience. 

Our school strives to provide a comfortable and positive, yet disciplined learning environment where all participants train to help each other and to focus on cooperation as a tool for successful learning.

Aikido of Bismarck is affiliated with Iwama Takemusu Aikikai, which is a member of the original and largest international Aikido organization, the Aikikai Foundation.

Japanese Martial Arts

Aikido is a physical art form with very practical tools and results for regular life. Aikido is an effective and unique Japanese self-defense & martial art tradition with roots in jiu-jitsu, sword & spear arts, influenced by judo in some ways, and steeped in a profound history of the values of bushido and budo.

The Art of Peace

Unlike some martial art styles, aikido generally does not block an incoming attack with an opposing force. Instead, aikidoists blend with the force and direction of an attacker and then redirect the aggressor in a way that maintains control of the interaction. The result is usually a throw, a joint lock, or even just an effective escape.

In essence, a well-trained practitioner uses an attacker’s aggressive energy to power their own defensive techniques. This concept of blending and redirecting is also applicable to much of life’s confrontations and challenges. Aikido is known as the “Art of Peace.” The self-defense techniques in Aikido are designed to de-escalate violent confrontations without necessarily causing serious bodily harm.

Transforming Lives

Aikido of Bismarck is a friendly, non-competitive, and challenging training environment. We seek to promote the advancement of students’ skill and ability to learn by using visual, kinesthetic and auditory demonstrations. Students may progress at their own rate according to their personal goals, physical ability, and time.

Our children’s martial art program is growing and accepting new students!   Come watch a class!  Kids at our dojo learn a fascinating art and make great new friends.

How to Get Started

  1. Watch a class to get more familiar with Aikido. (This is optional but recommended). See our SCHEDULE.
  2. Register ONLINE or in person.
  3. Pay tuition for 2 months minimum to start.  (check/cash in person or PAY ONLINE here)
  4. Adults – Purchase a uniform independently or take advantage of our free gi offer.  Kids – beginner uniform is free with 2 months tuition.
  5. Attend class. Welcome!

Questions? Call or text us: 701-471-2306