New Students – Registration

How to Get Started

  1. Watch a class to get more familiar with Aikido. (This is optional but recommended). See our SCHEDULE.
  2. Register ONLINE or in person.
  3. Pay tuition for 2 months minimum to start.  (check/cash in person or PAY ONLINE here)
  4. Adults – Purchase a uniform independently or take advantage of our free gi offer.  Kids – beginner uniform is free with 2 months tuition.
  5. Attend class. Welcome!

Questions? Call or text us: 701-471-2306

Register using the following form for any of our youth or adult classes.  For more information about a specific program, follow these links: 
Adult Aikido, Youth Aikido.  See also our Terms of Student Membership.  Our registration documents can also be filled out in person.

New Student Registration
I am registering myself or my child for the following program:
Student Name
Student Name

Contact and Student Information

Health Information

Please list any relevant physical or health conditions that we should know about before we begin training Aikido together.

Any neck, shoulder, wrist or other joint problems or past injuries? *
Experience problems with dizziness? *
Any concussion(s) in the past year? *
If there HAS been a concussion in the past year, has the student been released by a physician to participate in contact sports? *
Has you ever tested positive for Hepatitis or HIV? *
Are there any other concerns, medically or socially or any other?

Online Payment for New Students

After registering, you can pay ahead online at this link:
New Student Payment for first 2 or 3 months.

The following will need to be brought to your first class or completed in person before training:

Adult liability release form.
Youth liability release form