Fee Payment – Current Students

This page has payment options for current or returning students.

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Adult Regular Tuition: $80/month

Adult Discounted Tuition: $70/month
(Military, College Student, or High School Student attending advanced adult classes)

Youth Regular Tuition: $70/month

Youth Discounted Tuition: $60/month
(Sibling or child of another active Aikido Student)

Homeschooler Youth Aikido Classes: Contact us for rate and schedule of this program.

Late Payment Fee: $5 (more than 1 week late tuition) 

For more information, please read our Terms of Student Membership.

Testing Fees

Testing fees at Aikido Bismarck are kept at a minimum to cover basic cost, extra training, and fees that are paid to affiliate organizations.

No testing fees for youth students up to Brown Belt rank. 

Adults have $20 testing fees up to 3rd Kyu, then $40, $50, and $100 for 3rd Kyu, 2nd Kyu, and 1st Kyu respectively.

Shodan (and above) fees and Aikikai membership are subject to change according to fees imposed by the national and international organizations that we study under. Testing fees for ranks above nidan (2nd degree blackbelt +) are T.B.A.

More About Testing for Rank...

Youth students under 17 and beyond 1st Kyu may test for Jun-Shodan (red/black belt)  (“apprentice shodan”) and/or may transition into the adult program.  Adult Shodan candidates should be at least 18 years old or a 17-year-old High School graduate.

Youth students of sufficient maturity and physical ability may also participate fully in the adult curriculum with no additional monthly fee. All such decisions are made by the Aikido Bismarck Sensei/Dojo Cho.

Neither full payment of tuition NOR regular class attendance guarantees students’ rank advancement or rank certifications by school administrators.  Rank advancement is at the complete discretion of the Sensei.