Terms of Membership

Attendance:  Student’s non-attendance of scheduled lessons relieves the obligation of the school to provide lessons after the program date or monthly period.  Exceptions are made for covid quarantines.  Please do not train if you are sick

Schedule:  School administrators may make any modifications in the class schedule as deemed necessary.

Closures:  School administrators may close the school on national holidays and for special events for a period not exceeding 3 weeks total per year including necessary maintenance, training and other purposes including last-minute class-cancellations due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances without affecting scheduled tuition payments.

Program Fees/Tuition:  Payments are non-refundable. Students’ failure to continue lessons during the monthly period does not relieve the obligation to pay a tuition balance for current (or past-due) month(s) in full.  Students with past-due tuition or fees may be denied further instruction and/or testing at the discretion of the school administrators.

Conduct:  Students, Parents and Guests shall adhere to the etiquette standards (both written and unwritten) set forth by the administrators and instructors of Aikido Bismarck.

Students MAY NOT teach Aikido to non-students or use Aikido techniques in a manner other than in immediate SELF DEFENSE or solo practice when not at the dojo.  Violations may result in expulsion from the dojo at the discretion of the Sensei.

Non-Compete:  In consideration of the martial arts training obtained, student agrees not to engage in Aikido teaching practices within a fifty-mile radius of Aikido Bismarck for a period of three years following disassociation with the school, without written permission.

Media/Internet:  Unless there is an opt-out request from a parent, School administrators reserve the right to use photography, video, artwork or other likeness of students for marketing, publishing, news releases or any other lawful purpose.  (Names of minors will never be displayed in a public medium without express permission.)  [Please contact an administrator if you wish to NOT have your child featured in Aikido Bismarck marketing, news stories or on its website.  Please note that with group photos and videos, avoiding the inclusion of only some individuals would be impracticable].

Rank Advancement:  Neither full payment of tuition NOR regular class attendance guarantees students’ rank advancement or rank certifications by school administrators.  Rank advancement is at the complete discretion of the Sensei.  Advancement to shodan (blackbelt) is a distinction available to qualified adult students, which our certifying organization has deemed to be “18 years old or older OR a high school graduate that is at least 17 years old”.  

Email:  Student or Parent of Student authorizes the use of a disclosed email address for billing purposes and acknowledges that email text may include general financial information pertaining to membership.  Please notify us if your email address changes.

Drugs:  Under no circumstances shall any illegal drug or any other illegal substance be consumed or carried/possessed on the premises of the Aikido Bismarck dojo or surrounding sidewalk and parking lot.  In addition, no tobacco products shall be smoked/vaped/consumed in the dojo or directly outside the entrance.  Violation will result in membership termination.

Termination of Membership:  Aikido Bismarck and/or those acting under its authority reserves the right to terminate any student membership at any time [without prior notice].  In this case there will be no refunds afforded to terminated member for any reasons. Members of Aikido Bismarck agree to not pursue any legal action against Aikido Bismarck for termination.

Dojo Etiquette

Aikido Bismarck Students are required to show extraordinary respect to the dojo, instructors, and other students at all times.

   Upon entering the dojo, bow to the front of the dojo, and a greeting such as “konnichiwa” (hello) “konbanwa” (good evening) or “ohaio gozaimasu” (good morning) should be offered-up/spoken so that others hear you.  Students present should acknowledge and return the greeting. Beginners may use the English phrases at first, if necessary.

    Shoes and coats should be placed neatly in the front shelves/on coat hooks. Other belongings should also be stowed in an orderly fashion and out of the way of other students and guests at all times.

    Cleanliness is respectful and a necessary part of belonging to a dojo.  Please ensure that your gi is laundered regularly and that you have sanitized hands, clean feet (and bodies) before stepping on the mat.  Participate in dojo cleanup after each class, including sweeping, etc.

    Nails should be trimmed before getting on the mat.  As a courtesy to others, please do not peel nails or skin or perform any other personal grooming on the mat.

 Please do not train if you are ill and possibly contagious. Please properly cover warts on hands or feet. Open cuts or other wounds should always be properly bandaged while on the mat.  Athletic tape is recommended on top of bandages.

    Bow to the front of the room (shomen wall) before entering and exiting the mat.  Show respect to your instructors by asking for permission if you need to leave the mat during class.

Take care of personal needs before and after class except in the case of personal urgent situations.

 Respect your fellow students when training.  Always look out for their safety as well as your own.  Aikido techniques are powerful.  No technique should be forced or EVER intentionally performed for the sake of causing EXTRA pain.  Injuring another person through recklessness will result in suspension or expulsion.  No jewelry should be worn that could injure yourself or another student.  No gum or candy while training.

  Sincerely bow to your classmates before and after training together and say “onegaishimasu” with respect. At the end of class, shake their hands, give them your full attention, and say, “thank you” or “domo arigato gozaimashita”.

 Respecting the dojo and all instructors, especially Sensei, is absolutely essential.  Avoid trying to correct your sempai students.  Do not argue with an instructor or attempt to challenge them during class in any way.  After being instructed or corrected, answer with “Domo Arigato” or “Hai”.

 When arriving late, please quickly attend to your preparation needs and then perform the formal class bow-in (2 bows, 2 claps, bow, “onagaishimasu!”) on the mat, but out of the way.

 When leaving the dojo, please bow to the front and offer a “sayonara” (good-bye) or “jaa matta” (see you later).

 Other common and practical courtesies:
Please cover your mouth when yawning.  Not doing so indicates boredom and disrespect (even if not intended). Cover coughs and sneezes with tissues or elbow, not your hands. Use hand sanitizer.

Thank you for your consideration!

How to Get Started

  1. Watch a class to get more familiar with Aikido. (This is optional but recommended). See our SCHEDULE.
  2. Register ONLINE or in person.
  3. Pay tuition for 2 months minimum to start.  (check/cash in person or PAY ONLINE here)
  4. Adults – Purchase a uniform independently or take advantage of our free gi offer.  Kids – beginner uniform is free with 2 months tuition.
  5. Attend class. Welcome!

Questions? Call or text us: 701-471-2306